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The Bearing Range of Soft Packaging Materials Used by Packaging Film Manufacturers

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In the design of food packaging film, if the net content or volume of the content exceeds the bearing range of the soft packaging materials used, the problem of bag breakage and cracking will occur in the process of transportation or sales and circulation when slightly subjected to external forces. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. Sealability: For example, blasting pressure test can determine the location of bag breakage and the location of weak mechanical strength. For example, the heat sealing strength test can judge whether the heat sealing strength meets the requirements of food content, and determine the location of poor heat sealing and the uniformity of heat sealing effect. For example, the breakage of chicken claw packaging film is due to the sharp cut bones of some broken claws when the chicken claws are cut, and the shrinkage of meat skin when boiling, so the bones are exposed, which is easy to break the bag in the process of transportation. Therefore, the puncture resistance of packaging film should be considered as a key consideration in packaging material combination.

2. Physical and mechanical properties: such as breaking force and elongation at break, puncture resistance, impact resistance of pendulum, peeling strength, etc., can comprehensively judge whether the physical and mechanical properties of packaging film, such as toughness, puncture resistance and impact resistance, meet the requirements of packaging, storage, stacking and transportation.

Generally speaking, plastic bags specially used by packaging film manufacturers for food are not toxic because they are made of polyethylene or nylon. The high-pressure polyethylene film looks and feels like a thin layer of paraffin. Coincidentally, the composition and structure of polyethylene is very similar to that of paraffin, but the molecular weight of polyethylene is much larger than that of paraffin. Nylon film is stronger than polyethylene film, but the cost is higher, so its application is not so common.


At present, plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene and so on are used for food packaging. Their hygienic properties are qualified, and they are also safe for food packaging.

Packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. A good design of food vacuum bag has a good effect on improving the sales of products. Our company provides free food packaging film design services.

Second, plate-making: that is, according to the confirmation draft of food packaging design to produce the copper plate needed on the food packaging printing press. This edition is cylindrical and not a single set. The size and number of editions should be determined according to the packaging design of the previous step.

3. Layout printing: In the specific work content of food packaging printing press, according to a layer of material confirmed by the food company (material confirmation can refer to the basis of vacuum bags) for printing, the printed effect drawing is not much different from the design drawing.

Fourth, compounding: so-called compounding is to bind the two materials together, the ink surface between two layers of materials, such as PA (nylon)/pe (reinforced), where nylon is a layer of material that is printed material, PE (reinforced) is the second layer of material that is composite material, in some cases there will be a third and fourth layer of material. For ordinary aluminium foil bags (opp film / aluminium foil / PE reinforcement), three layers are required.

Fifth, curing, slitting/bag making: slitting is for automatic packaging film (pillow packaging film), bag making is made of a bag making machine into a packaging film.

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