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How to handle the used bags better?

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As a new material, plastic products have the advantages of light weight, waterproof, durability, mature production technology and low cost. They are widely used in the world and show an increasing trend year by year. However, with the increasing application of packaging bags, it has become the culprit of white pollution. Therefore, we do not advocate throwing used bags at will. How can the manufacturers handle the used bags better?

1. If it's still clean, it's convenient and clean to put it over the trash can.

2. If it is edible packaging bags, you can also pack some beans, spices and other things. It can be used as a shopping bag, which is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

3. Still can tie old plastic bands into a ball, can wash dishes, wash glasses, wash out things will be very clean.

Of course, collecting and selling waste products for recycling is also a good way.


Packaging bag manufacturer is closely related to people's life. At the same time, the environmental protection problems we are facing are becoming more and more serious. As early as 2008, the state issued a plastic restriction order, but the actual effect is not very good, which is related to the characteristics of the industry, technological development and implementation of supervision and many other factors. But now we are glad to see that the green road of plastic bags is taking shape.

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health and safety, and environmental protection packaging bags have gradually entered into daily life. Consumers are willing to choose green and environmentally friendly plastic packaging bags when shopping. Generally speaking, environmentally friendly plastic packaging includes recycled plastic packaging bags and new materials plastic packaging bags. In the process of production, the packaging bag manufacturer adopts new technology, adds the ingredient of degradable masterbatch, commonly known as degradable plastic packaging bag. This kind of environmental protection packaging bag can decompose itself under certain conditions.

The state has upgraded green environmental protection and circular economy to a strategic level, and issued policies and measures to support and encourage them. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) promotes a new recycling model by using the Internet for plastic recycling. The Ministry of Finance has issued the Catalogue of Preferential Value Added Tax for Products and Services of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, and the Central Committee has written the construction of ecological civilization into the 12th Five-Year Plan. All these indicate that the state is making efforts to support and guide the plastic industry, including plastic packaging bags, to develop in a green, environmentally friendly and intensive direction.

The green environmental protection road of plastic bags is inevitable for the development of industry and society, which requires the participation of the whole society. Let's start from ourselves and contribute to the green ecological civilization.

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