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How to Meet the Variable Shape Requirements of Packaging Bags by Packaging Bag Manufacturers

Date of release:2019-06-17 Author:瑞茂科技 Click:

With the increasing demand for plastic packaging bags in society, plastic packaging bags are constantly covering the market with their inherent characteristics of bright color, novel patterns, easy to use and so on. The market also puts forward higher requirements for plastic packaging bags. It not only requires the design to be old and new in order to attract eyeballs, but also requires high barrier performance to maintain the freshness of the contents. At the same time, it also requires the packaging bag to be of ever-changing shape.

Therefore, the special-shaped bag has attracted people's attention with its unique shape and distinct personality as soon as it came out. In supermarkets, we are overwhelmed by a variety of commodities, plastic packaging bags (especially special-shaped packaging) let us experience a visual enjoyment, but also let us deeply feel that plastic soft packaging has a huge market.

Directly punch and cut various patterns on the three-side sealing bags to meet the requirements of daily chemicals, food and other products to reflect the intuitive and distinct personality, such as various fruit slices (mango slices, etc.) packaging bags shape design into the corresponding fruit shape (mango shape, etc.).

2. Self-supporting special bag

By filling the bottom, the special-shaped bags of various shapes can stand, fully reflect the stereo sense of the special-shaped bags, and facilitate the display of shelves in supermarkets or shopping malls.


3. Self-supporting special bag with zipper

Zipper is based on the unique shape of special-shaped bags so that the bags can be opened repeatedly. It is generally applicable to some light dry items, such as candy, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits, jelly, tea and so on.

4. Self-supporting special bag with mouth

The function of adding mouth is to facilitate the dumping of content. The product after adding mouth can be sealed repeatedly, which means that it can be used many times. This special-shaped bag is suitable for liquid drinks, bath lotions, shampoos, tomato sauce, edible oil and other liquid products requiring multiple unsealing.

5. Mouth-like self-supporting special-shaped bag

In the packaging design of packaging bag manufacturers, there is no additional mouth, but a shape similar to the mouth is made by using the manufacturing characteristics of special-shaped bags, which is convenient to use. Generally used in liquid packaging, but once opened, it can not be sealed.

II. Structure of Special-shaped Bags

Special-shaped bags are similar to ordinary soft packaging bags. The main structures of special-shaped bags are PET/PE, PET/CPP, BOPP/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/Al/NY/PE, PET/NY/PE and so on. The printing and compounding processes of special-shaped bags are similar to those of ordinary packaging bags.

3. Making and Equipment of Special-shaped Bags

In some soft packaging enterprises, special-shaped bags are formed by making bags on the bagging machine, then punching and cutting the special-shaped bags off-line with a punch machine, followed by necessary repairs. This method wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, and the production efficiency is not high. Now on the market, there is an auxiliary equipment of bag-making machine, die-cutting machine, which is specially used in the production of special-shaped bags. It is mainly driven by servo motor, with light, electricity and gas. With its own PLC signal, it can be well connected with the bag-making machine and realize on-line synchronous die-cutting. It can ensure the precision of special-shaped bags, and it does not need off-line. Follow-up processing, and equipped with finished products online conveying and cutting edge automatic coiling function, greatly improve the efficiency of special-shaped bag making, reduce production losses.

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