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Special-shaped bag

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The reasons for the leakage of food packaging bags are as follows: 1. Bacteria in food packaging bags often produce gas, which will cause the bags to swell. Therefore, the first step is to sterilize the products thoroughly before they leave the factory.

The second reason for the leakage of food packaging bags is that the sealing is not enough. After food is packed in bags, the first process to be done is to heat-press the packaging bags, and the quality of this process will directly affect the sealing function of food vacuum packaging bags. After all, it is assumed that the improper sealing will lead to the leakage of food vacuum packaging bags, and the air will permeate into the vacuum packaging bags from the leakage part of food packaging bags.

If the leakage is caused by this reason, the packaging quality can be detected and controlled in time by checking. If the seal of food packaging bags is checked, whether there are air bubbles leaking from the edge of food vacuum packaging bags during the checking process.



With the accelerating pace of life, the use of food packaging bags has become more and more widespread. Packaging bag manufacturers today remind our friends that food packaging bags are directly related to our health, so we must pay attention to the use of food packaging bags, four major points of attention, as follows.

Points for Attention in Food Packaging Bags

Food packaging bags should be labeled in Chinese with the name of the factory, the address of the factory and the name of the product, and the word "food for use" should be clearly marked. The empty food bags are relatively safe.

Points for Attention in Food Packaging Bags II

Food packaging bags with colored vacuum packaging bags (dark red or black in the current market) can not be used for food packaging. Because these vacuum bags are often made of recycled plastic.

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