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Suction bag

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With the improvement of people's quality of life, consumers put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging bags. In line with the concept of environmental protection, the greening of packaging bags has become an important development trend.

The greening of packaging bags requires the preparation and application of new antioxidants, ultraviolet stabilizers and free radical scavengers. Heavy-filling plastic containers for daily chemicals, pallets for food, turnboxes, etc. can use plastic stabilization technology to produce high-quality plastic products, in order to improve its reuse or recycling value.

Secondly, packaging manufacturers should try their best to use the same material, separable and coexisting materials in packaging design, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling. On the premise of satisfying the packaging function, the garbage production should be reduced as far as possible, so as to present the trend of lightweight packaging film.

The concept of environmental protection will always exist with the development of society, and green packaging is an important way to achieve this goal.

Packaging bags are widely used in daily life, but sometimes they smell bad. What should we do about it? Now let's give you a brief introduction.

1. The design of printing pattern should choose less color and monochrome elements so as to avoid full-page printing pattern with solid background as far as possible.

2. When choosing printing ink, do not use printing ink with larger odor. Do not use high boiling point solvents containing impurities, such as tar benzene, mixed benzene, recycled solvents; do not use single component PS composite adhesive with high odor.

3. When compounding, the inner film material should be checked whether it smells or not, and PE film with filler should not be used as the composite inner substrate.

4. Make every effort to improve the printing speed, reduce the viscosity of printing ink as much as possible, reduce the amount of ink, keep the drying oven and workshop ventilated smoothly, and reduce the residual ink and ink solvent to a lower level.

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